Friday, July 23, 2021


Standing up for LEADER in the South East Europe!

Outcomes of the 'Standing up for LEADER' project is National Road Maps to strengthen and intensify the effort to anchor the LEADER approach at the policy level, among local actors and rural networks in the SEE and to connect each one's effort with those of the other.

Results from the COVID-19 Emergency support actions in the Western Balkans

The COVID_19 pandemic has affected the operations and decreased visits in the Western Balkan region. But, with the new equipment and promotional activities, it is expected to improve income and promote the services better and attract visitors to sustain/recover operations.

Officially signed the Contract for the new Project “Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany – Western...

Objectives of the Project “Agricultural Policy Dialogue Germany - Western Balkans”: Strengthen policy framework for agriculture and rural development in the Western Balkans regarding implementation of the EU Green Agenda for the Western Balkans and alignment with the CAP 2021-2027.

2 nd Balkan Rural Parliament “Reviving of rural Western Balkans – moving towards EU...

Inspired by the national rural parliaments, which have been implemented in Europe for more than a decade, the Balkan Rural Parliament is already taking its place in the policy-making process for rural development of the Western Balkans as one of the basic tools for representing rural communities, through national networks and the Balkan Rural Development Network.

Developed National Guidebooks on Rural Tourism

SWG RRD in partnership with GIZ within the Project: Support to economic diversification of rural areas in Southeast Europe (SEDRA) realized activities related to development of National Guidebooks and online training for value chain operators from the Western Balkan countries/territories.

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