Monday, November 23, 2020


Invitation for submitting of Proposal for support of WB Cross-Border Tourism Product Development and...

The call is part of the project Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas, implemented by SWG and co-financed by the USAID’s Economic Development, Governance and Enterprise Growth Project.

Marketing and the promotion on social networks of regional VC products from Serbia, Montenegro,...

Social media campaign has been created for 27 participant from Serbia, Montenegro and B&H from the Facebook ad manager. The goal of the most campaigns was to generate more messages to the page owner, while some participants had the goal to attract more visitors to their page or website.

Open Call for national experts

SWG Head Office/Secretariat for the needs of Conducting a National Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development for the period 2021 – 2027 for North Macedonia is searching for five (5) National Experts from North Macedonia for the tasks listed in the Terms of References.

Project: Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas

The project will primarily contribute to the improved market integration and expanded market linkages of firms within targeted value chains: inbound tourism and agriculture...

“Virtual journey through the ancestors’ traces”, 10 October, 2020, Trebinje, B&H

Agricultural Cluster of Herzegovina - Old Herzegovina and Slow Food Trebinje, Herzegovina in cooperation with the Museum of Herzegovina, Cinema-Photo Club Trebinje, and the Public Institution Center of Secondary Schools Trebinje, organized promotion of the project “Virtual journey through the ancestors' traces” at the Green Market in Trebinje, B&H.

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