Strategic Document

Outcome of the 3rd Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture from South Eastern Europe within the 9th Agriculture Policy Forum 2009 held in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina October 8th, 2009

2009-10-08_Conclusions Ministers final.pdf (Download Here)

Meeting Of The Ministers Of Agriculture From SEE Within The Argiculture Policy, Kolashin, Montenegro 2008

Conclusions_APF_2008_eng_complete_participants-FINAL.pdf (Download Here)

Declaration of Ministries / Secretariats Responsible for Agriculture and Rural Development in the South-Eastern European Countries/ Territories, Dresden, Germany 2007


Agricultural Policy Forum 2007 on “Agricultural and Rural Development Policies – Challenges for Institutional Set-Up and Cooperation in South Easter Europe”

AFP_Agenda_2007.pdf (Download Here)

Agricultural Policy Forum “Rural Development – Opportunities for Cooperation in the SEE”

APF_Macedonia_Serbia_2005_Final_Report.pdf (Download Here)

Agenda on Implementation of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies in South Eastern European Stability Pact Countries, Leipzig, Germany 2004