Main Bodies















 SWG has four bodies:

– The Assembly
– The President of the SWG Assembly
– The Secretariat
– The General Secretary

The Members of the SWG may organize themselves in sub-areas within the framework of the SWG.


The SWG Assembly is consisted of delegates, nominated by the SWG members. The Assembly is the principal decision making body of the SWG.

The Assembly is entitled to:

1.     coordinate initiatives and activities in line with the Statute of the SWG;
2.     decide on application and exclusion of Members and Observers;
3.     approve staff, budget and treasury regulations;
4.     elaborate all internal regulations;
5.     decide on all issues needed to functioning of the SWG;
6.     consider all matters submitted and make appropriate decisions accordingly;
7.     adopt and modify documents of the SWG;
8.     establish bodies within the SWG, assign tasks, define, modify or terminate their mandates;
9.     consider any other related matters which may deem appropriate.

The regular SWG meeting related to technical issues is scheduled by the General Secretary of the SWG, according to the needs and intensity of activities undertaken.


General Secretary is appointed by the Assembly with the mandate of 3 years with possible extension. His/her responsibilities include overall management, coordination and representation of the SWG and its’ bodies.
General Secretary is responsible for reporting to the Assembly on annual basis for all performed activities, including financial reporting for the preceding year.


Secretariat is an operational, administrative, coordinative and organizational body of SWG, with a seat in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.


The President of the SWG Assembly is switched annually to the Member on the rotational basis, based on the decision of the SWG Assembly and is represented by the Delegate from the Member.

The President of the SWG Assembly is an honorary position with a mandate to represent the SWG within the time frame of his/her mandate.

The President of the SWG Assembly is charring of the Assembly meetings and events organized by the SWG Assembly.