2nd Working meeting of the Managing Authorities for IPARD from SEE, February 28-29, 2012, Skopje


From the 2-nd meeting of Managing Authorities from SEE

SWG is continuing its support for presentation and exchange of information and experiences related to IPARD Program implementation and procedures for creation of the Managing Authority, as well as transfer of experiences from candidate to potential candidate countries for approximation to the EU. Thus, an Expert Advisory Group – Working Group on Managing Authorities from SEE was established during the 1st Working Meeting of Managing Authorities from SEE, held on June 16th in Zagreb, Croatia.

The objective of the second meeting which is taking part in Skopje and is hosted by the Macedonian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy is:
• Preparation of a common position and clarification of the needs of Managing Authorities from the region in terms of the new IPARD post-2013

The discussions will be focused on two issues:
• Further elaboration of steps for accreditation of Managing Authorities and Cooperation between Managing Authorities and IPARD Paying Agencies, and
• IPARD post-2013 with elaboration on:
– Commission proposal for the framework regulation and the main documents and their content
– Further streamlining of IPARD legal basis
– Improvement as regards programming for IPARD II considering lessons learnt
– Proposals on introduction of new measures and re-design of the existing one.

The conclusions from the meeting will be submitted to the EC.