3rd working meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on Wine in South Eastern Europe will be held in the period 16th – 18th May 2016 in Podgorica, Montenegro


The aim of the meeting is to explore the possibilities for future regional cooperation in SEE on the topic of wine and viticulture, in respect to the EU integration of the wine sector and market.

The meeting is intended for the members of the Expert Advisory Group in order to strengthen the cooperation on national and regional level and enhance the networking and cooperation among the institutions responsible for wine and viticulture resources.

During the meeting different topics will be discussed, such as: Traceability in wine quality control in the SWG member institutions; discussion of the possibility of mutual harmonizing legislation/procedures on export/import of wine products between SWG members based on EU procedures (V.I.1. document) and autochthonous and new created varieties of wine and common possibility for their promotion and recognition in the region.