“6th Stakeholders’ group meeting and ABDA Info Day in the cross border region Drina-Tara”, 18th and 19th March 2014, Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina


6th meeting for the Stakeholders from “Drina-Tara” cross border region will be organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the South-East Europe in order to inform the participants with the details related to the implementation of the second phase of the EU funded project:”Preparation for implementation of Area Based Development Approach in the Western Balkans”.

The discussions will, among others, be focused on detailed conditions for the up-coming call for project proposals and related issues. The SHG-s will also have opportunity to continue the discussions related to proposed ideas and micro regions/routes/attractions developed within the working groups during the first phase, as well as their eligibility for applying to the call for proposals.

In addition, during the next day, the SWG will also organize “ABDA Info Day” for all the potential beneficiaries in order to discuss the project ideas and to clarify open issues related to the application process.

The 6th SHG meeting and the “ABDA Info Day” for the cross border region “Drina-Tara” will be organized on 18th and 19th March 2014 in Visegrad, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Click here to view the programmes of the events!