“Area Based Development in cross-border regions of Western Balkans: Meetings with the Drina – Tara Stakeholders Group”. 6 – 8 February, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro


The SWG project team will visit the Drina – Tara region in order to realize several meetings and field visits with/to the members of the Drina –Tara Stakeholders Group included in the on-going preparation of a project proposal for implementation of ABD in cross-border regions (Drina- Sava river valley, Shara mountain, Prespa lake and Drina – Tara region) of the Western Balkans.
Namely, following the project carried out by the European Commission – Joint Research Centre, Institute on Prospective Technology and Studies (JRC IPTS) and the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development in 2010, which aimed at identifying potentialities and disadvantages related to the implementation of the Area-Based Development  (ABD) and elaborating local development action plans in rural cross border areas in the Drina valley  and Tara mountain area, the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-East Europe is continuing the activities related to ABD in the area by facilitating sustainable growth in several selected cross-border regions  in the Western Balkans including the Drina – Tara region, by using the ABD methodology and main principles developed and tested during the EC study
The aim of each of the meetings (February 6th – Municipality of Bratunac or Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina; February 7th – Zlatibor, Serbia and February 8th – Municipality of Bjelo Polje in Montenegro) is to discuss the experience acquired up to now, as well as to appraise possible further steps and the possibility or need for setting up local project management structures for the implementation of the future ABD project in this particular region.
The proposed topics for discussion are as follows:
•    Review of the established Development Strategy and the Action Plan for ABD in the Drina – Tara cross-border region – what has been achieved so far?
•    Discussion on the intervention priorities and selection of one or two actions for possible project development and implementation;
•    Discussions and decisions related to setting up working/interest groups for the follow up and facilitation of further activities;
•    Discussion on the most appropriate funding sources to address and how to reach them.

Proposed Programme (Download Here)