”Beans Day 2014”, 18th October, Tearce, Macedonia


Centre For Education and Development CED  and “Sharra” PMU with the support of the EU funded project “Preparation for implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans – 2nd phase”, will organize the regional event ”Beans Day 2014” that will be held on 18th October in Tearce, Macedonia.

Beans is one of the basic agricultural product in the “Sharra” region and is well known abroad about its great quality. The original idea for the first “Beans Day 2010” was to organize an event where, through promotion of the bean as main agricultural product in the region, which will: bring together people from different ethnic groups, religions, social status to sit together and taste bean and other traditional food in order to know each other’s culture and discus about the daily life and problems. Also through presentations of cultural artistic associations to promote the natural beauties of the region, etc.

For this year the plan is the event to be further extended as a regional event  with participation of partners from Kosovo*. Besides tasting the bean, halva, chestnut, chesses and soft fruits and other traditional foods, the following happenings will be organized:

This event strengthens partnerships of local entrepreneurs and the business community and creates favorable conditions for private sector growth that will affect the lives of all communities in the “Shara” region.

Kosovo* “This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.”