CALL for Proposals/Papers: “GIZ Alumni Conference SEE on Economic Development – Food – Networks”, 08-09 November 2012, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


GIZ will organize an alumni conference for selected participants from different GIZ programmes, of former InWEnt, GTZ and DED, to offer a platform and framework to develop closer cooperation amongst alumni. The conference is foreseen within the programme “Establishment of a regional alumni network ‘sustainable business development’ South East Europe” and will focus on the following thematic priorities: “networks”, “sustainable business”, “economic development”, “food”, “gender mainstreaming”. Other suggestions are highly welcome!

Moreover, in order to take into account the specific interests of alumni from the region and the economic needs, some workings groups should be initiated, implemented and supervised by the alumni themselves.

Therefore, GIZ calls upon interested alumni to submit proposals/papers for these working groups. Interested participants should fulfill and return this FORM to the organizers of the conference by August 31st 2012.

All costs of the participation will be covered to selected participants, incl. travel costs and accommodation.