Cultural – Tourist event “DANI TREBIŽATA“, 12-14 July 2019, Capljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” will support the organization of the manifestation “Cultural – Tourist event “DANI TREBIŽATA” which will be organized by Referentna grupa Capljina- and which will be held in a period from 12 till 14 July 2019 in Capljina, Bosnia and Hrezegovina.

The aim of this Event is promotion of the tourist potential of Tahaljina-Mlade-Trebizat river, with positioning and branding of local tourist products (gastronomic activities, sustainable activities, cultural events)

This event will contribute to strengthening of cooperation among stakeholders and promotion of the natural resource of the Tihaljina – Mlade – Trebizat river, as a unique tourist destination. The promotion of autochthonous products (fish, fruit, vegetables, wine, prosciutto, figs, cheese, honey), the uniqueness of nature (Kravice waterfall, Kocusa, Bozjak, Struge, Ceveljusa), customs and culture of people living alongside the Trebizat river create conditions for development of sustainable tourism (canoe safari, gastronomic offer, museums, wine shop)along the entire river stream.