LilaLo Festival, 10-14 July, 2019, Loznica, Serbia


LilaLo Festival is a music and performance festival, dedicated to the regional folk authentic tradition as “lilanje” as well as affirming the creative potentials of young people.

The aim of festival is to promote regional cultural heritage, tradition customs and values of the Drina-Sava region, to network actors of the region and to promote the existing and generate new ideas for the future cooperation.

The specific objective of this Event is creation of a recognizable image of Loznica as a regional manifestation destination, promotion of women entrepreneurship, creative economy and complementary tourist services, especially in sector of traditional products and handicrafts. Special focus is given on youth involvement. Young people are fully included in design and realization of the festival, as artists organized in “LiilaLo team”.

This Event will contribute to the development of rural tourism as well as the production and selling of traditional products. It also provides an excellent opportunity for participants in connecting, cooperation, partnership and promotion of the cross-border region of Drina-Sava and their cultural, historical, traditional and natural heritage. It is primarily intended for young people and gives special attention to women and their economic and social empowerment.