Regional Participatory Planning Workshop: “Establishment of rural development networks in SEE countries”, 02-05 March, 2011, Skopje, Macedonia


As a start up of implementation of the FAO SWG TCP/RER/3302 project: “Support to capacity building for rural development and extension to support EU-integration of the South-Eastern European countries”, SWG Head Office/Secretariat and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) are organizing Regional Participatory Planning Workshop.

During intensive two working days in Skopje, the participants are expected to exchange experiences regarding rural development networks, share lessons learnt, discuss the possibility for cooperation between the existing national rural networks (in Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, and Bulgaria) as well as, the development of network initiatives (in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro).

The outcomes from the Workshop should be the basic for designing of a project aiming to assist rural development stakeholders at all levels in the SEE region to establish national Rural Development Networks (RDN) and a regional association of networks – South-East European Rural Development Network (SEE RDN).

Target group

  • Representatives of the National Rural Development Networks from SEE – existing and/or initiatives for establishment of National Rural Development Networks;
  • Representatives of rural development stakeholders from non-government sector;
  • Representatives of governmental institutions/bodies responsible for rural development (extension service- public and private, civil society sector, environmental protection, LAGs, regional economic development organizations, etc.).