Second Meeting of the Stakeholders` Groups ofrom the cross-border regions “DRINA-SAVA” and “DRINA-TARA”: Training on Project Cycle Management, Project Proposal Writing and Strategic Planning, 19-22 March 2013, Banja Koviljaca, Serbia


The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the South-East Europe is continuing with the activities foreseen within the EU funded project:” Preparations for implementation of the Area Based Development Approach (ABDA) in the Western Balkan countries”.

After the meetings of the Mayors from the neighboring municipalities, when Memorandums of Understanding have been signed and 1st meetings of the Stakeholders’ Groups were realized, the SWG will facilitate the process of increasing the capacities of the SHGs, as well as their consolidation, and support the streamline of their field of interest via various courses and workshops.

Thus, the Objective of the 2nd Meeting of the Stakeholders` Groups of cross-border regions “DRINA-SAVA” and “DRINA-TARA” is to build capacities of the members of the SHGs on Project Cycle Management, Project Proposal Writing and Strategic Planning.

The participants at the training session for these two cross-border regions, which will take place in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia, Macedonia, from the 19th to the 22nd of March, will be divided in two working groups based on their preferences:

  1. Working Group on Project Proposal Writing;
  2. Working Group on Strategic Planning.

You can find the detailed program of the event in Serbo-Croatian language here