SWG Head Office/Secretariat officials at the 1st Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference in South East Europe, 23-25 February, 2011, Belgrade, Serbia

  • Is European integration resp. regional integration in Europe still the slogan of today and the future?
  • What progress did regional integration make in South East Europe in the time line of 2000-today?
  • How can network-building be a key sustainability factor of regional cooperation and stability?
  • What are other important factors that shape integration and interaction in South East Europe?
  • How can networks and capacity building programs contribute to sustainable cooperation?
  • How is network building in South East Europe contributing towards European Integration?

These are the key questions which will be discussed during the 1st Interdisciplinary Alumni Conference in South East Europe entitled: “Network Building for European Integration” where Mr. Boban Ilic, SWG Secretary General is one of the Keynote speakers/Panelists.

The conference is organized by Inwent Capacity Building International, Germany on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Deve-lopment (BMZ) and will gather people from a variety of professional back-grounds and countries across the SEE region.

It is expected that by providing an interdisciplinary dialogue platform in the view of enlarging the partnership networking among alumni in South East Europe and sharing and exchanging ideas and concepts on globally, regionally and locally relevant subjects, the participants will discuss topics that are relevant for the conference and for the work environment of experts of different sectors. Furthermore, “the conferences make qualified alumni more visible for representatives from the fields of politics, development cooperation and economy and thus strengthen their role as multipliers and “door-openers” in the respective national structures”.

More information on the Conference website: