SWG Secretary General will participate at the DG Agriculture and TAIEX Multi-country Seminar on 'Streamlining implementation for IPARD 2014 – 2020', 3 – 4 October 2013, Brussels, Belgium


Mr. Boban Ilic, SWG Secretary General and two of his colleagues from the SWG Head Office/Secretariat will take part in the Multi-country Seminar entitled: ‘Streamlining implementation for IPARD 2014 – 2020’ which is going to be held in Brussels from 3rd – 4th of October.

The seminar is in light of the on-going preparations for the pre-accession assistance post-2013 and is organized by Agriculture and Rural Development, unit G.4 “Pre-accession assistance to agriculture and rural development”, in cooperation with TAIEX.

The main objective of the meeting is to give IPARD stakeholders the opportunity to reflect on problems, concerns, experiences gained and areas of improvement in the implementation of the rural development pre-accession assistance post-2013. The event builds onto the work started by DG Agriculture and Rural Development on identifying the main bottlenecks in the implementation and onto the reflections on the potential role and structure of the rural development programs, having taken place in the previous gatherings:

  • Agricultural Policy Forum 2011,
  • Representatives from the Managing Authorities, 28-29.02.2012,
  • Representatives of the Paying Agencies, 14.03.2012,
  • TAIEX workshops on implementation of IPA/IPARD, organised by AGRI on 13.4.2011 and 30.3.2012 in Brussels.
  • TAIEX workshop “Rural Development Measures for IPA 2014-2020”, organised by AGRI on 19-20.02.2013

During the workshops sessions, the participants will be expected to actively contribute to the discussions, moreover they will be welcomed to come up in advance with concrete written proposals on how to improve the implementation system and, if possible, also which provisions of the relevant agreements could be improved.

Program of the Seminar