SWG supporting cultural promotion and preservation of cultural heritage in the region: Cultural festival “Nusicijada”, 02 – 04 September, 2011, Ivanjica, Serbia


The festival dedicated to the famous Serbian novelist, playwright, satirist, essayist and the founder of modern rhetoric in Serbia – Branislav Nusic, which was first established in 1969 was renewed again in 2010 (after 40 years) by the NGO “Kudes” from Serbia.

The second “modern” festival of the 21st Century, will be held this year under the saying “You are seen for Ivanjica” from 02 – 04 September. Except humor, this years’ three days program includes lots of music and other art performances. Part of the program is exclusively reserved for the performing artists from the region – Macedonia and Montenegro.

The aim of the manifestation is to strengthen regional cooperation in promotion of the regional cultural heritage of the Balkan region, as a segment of the development of Balkan rural areas, which is complimentary to the development of rural tourism.

SWG is supporting the performance of the Macedonian guests: ethno-band “Ljubojna” and visual artists Sergej Andreevski.