Technical discussion:” Quality of honey and bee products and export requirements”, 11th October, 2010, Pljevlja, Montenegro


The SWG within the SWG – GTZ ORF Project: “Improving the competitiveness of companies and organizations from Southeastern Europe in the agricultural and food sector through the implementation of food quality standards and increased regional networking” will organize a technical discussion on:” Quality of honey and bee products and export requirements”.

The technical discussion is intended for the representatives of the Ministries of Agriculture, representatives of National and local beekeeping associations, producers and traders with honey bee products from Southeastern Europe.

The aim of the technical discussion is for the Ministry representatives to present and discuss the national legislation related to quality of honey and bee products, as well as to discuss the export procedures and requirements for export from non EU member states to the European Union.

The technical discussion is also an opportunity for the beekeepers and traders from SEE countries to be informed about the principles of the good beekeeping practices, as well as possibilities and requirements for exports to the European Union.

The technical discussion will be organized within the regional exhibition of honey bee products, repro material and beekeeping equipment organized by the Municipality of Pljevlja and the local beekeepers association from Pljevlja.

The event will provide an opportunity for establishment of closer cooperation between associations of beekeepers, and strengthening of business cooperation between the traders and exporters from SEE countries.

The technical discussion and the regional exhibition will take place in Pljevlja, Montenegro on October 11th, 2010.