Traditional mowing on Rajac and 1st International Conference: “Public events – way to develop and recognize the rural areas”, 15–17 July, 2011, Ljig, Serbia


SWG will support the organization of the Traditional event “Mowing on Rajac” within which the First International Conference entitled: “Public events – way to develop and recognize the rural areas” will be held.

“Mowing on Rajac”, the traditional internationally recognized folk event with a history started in 1892, symbolically represents and celebrates the end of the mowing of mountainous meadows.Local and foreign participants compete in mowing of mountain grass for 40 years, every July. Songs and dances, traditional dishes are served on embroidered white tablecloths on the meadows on Rajac mountain situatd in northeast part of Serbia, near the vivid city of Ljig.

This year, for the first time, the organizer – Regional Center for development of villages “MOBA” from Ljig, Serbia is enlarging the concept of the event with an International Conference entitled: “Public events – way to develop and recognize the rural areas”. The working part of the conference will take part on July 16th.

The aims of the conference is to gather higher number of actors from the whole region, who are involved in organization of similar events, and to create conditions for initiating joint actions and concrete activities for the future. The conference will hopefully create conditions for start –up of joint initiatives, will provide exchange of experiences and new solutions for improvement of rural areas through Public events and their future networking, involving new actors for support and defining possibilities for creation of a data base of Public events in the region linked with promotion of local products and services in the rural regions.

In order to fulfill the aims, the following topics will be presented and discussed during the Conference in Ljig:

  • Traditional Public events – their influence on development of rural tourism;
  • Local products and active contents of small family farms as important factor for the future development of the rural tourism;
  • Link between the Public events and side activities (hunting, fishing, sport…) and their influence on rural tourism development;
  • Old handicrafts and souvenirs as enlargement to the rural tourism offer

On July 17th, the Conference participants will take part at the 40th traditional “Mowing on Rajac” with a possibility to compete in mowing!