Wine and Cheese Festival, 15-16 August, small square, Ohrid Republic of Macedonia


Department of Tourism and Local Economic Development, in cooperation with Regional Council of Korca and Municipality of Resen as well and Association of Sheep Breeders of Western Macedonia, Municipal Association of Sheep Breeders, local manufacturers of home food (Association) such as Fisherman’s true, wineries and other local service providers in rural tourism this year will continue the tradition of organizing the two day festival of wine and cheese. The main protagonists of the festival will be the small and medium local producers of wine, cheese , organic food and honey located mainly in the rural areas of the Prespa region. They will exhibit their products directly to the market, and visitors will be able to experience the tastes of these local products as well as the opportunity for mutual socialization. The festival also provides the possibility for the region “Prespa” to advertise its tourist attractions, focusing on local food production. This will be a possibility for a common meeting of municipal authorities from Ohrid and Resen and one regional authority from Korca to gather at one place, enabling to exchange ideas for further development of the festival, possibilities in creation of new markets and further development of the value chains particularly in agriculture and tourism in the rural areas of the region Prespa.

This event is supported by the SWG EC project: “Preparation for implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans – 2nd phase”, activities related to promotion of People-to-People actions in the targeted cross-border areas.

Invitation and Program_Wine and Cheese Festival_Ohrid_15-16.08.2014