Working Meeting of Representatives of the Managing Authorities from SEE, 15– 17 June, 2011, Zagreb, Croatia


In order to support presentation and exchange of information and experiences related to IPARD Program implementation and procedures for creation of the Managing Authority, as well as to support transfer of experiences from candidate to potential candidate countries for approximation to the EU, SWG is organizing a meeting for the Managing Authorities from SEE.

The meeting is targeted for representatives of the Managing Authorities from SEE countries (existing and future Managing Authorities) and for the representatives of structures for preparation of creation of Managing Authorities.

The following topics will be presented and discussed among the participants:

  • Role of Managing Authority;
  • Managing Authority in practice;
  • Candidate Countries – main experiences and challenges;
  • Role of Monitoring Committee – experiences;
  • Publicity in implementation of IPARD;
  • Main problems in accreditation and implementation process