Workshop for IPA beneficiaries on: “The rural development measures for IPA II/IPARD 2014- 2020”, 19-20 February 2013, Brussels, Belgium


TAIEX in cooperation with DG Agriculture and Rural Development and the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe will organize a multi-beneficiary workshop for IPA beneficiaries on “The rural development measures for IPA II/IPARD 2014- 2020”.

The WS will be held from 19 to 20 February in Brussels, Belgium and is designed for participants who know the measures and have both policy perspective and practical understanding of the possibility to implement – key stakeholders in IPARD (representatives from the IPA paying agencies, representatives from the managing authorities and other relevant stakeholders from SEE).

Besides to express their views on the rural development measures for IPA II/IPARD 2014-2020, the participants will be invited to discuss the strategy for the SEE region for the next programme period as well as the regional cooperation and activities among the participating countries.

The results of this exchange of views will be particularly important in order to ensure the preparations of the new instrument IPARD 2014-2020. Its purpose is to be in line with Europe 2020 Strategy, to better accommodate the new IPA II objectives and to be tailored to the country needs and capacities.

Preliminary programme for the WS