Workshops: “Partnership and cooperation in joint projects for integrated economic development”, 3 April 2014, Banja Koviljaca, Serbia (“Drina-Sava” CBR) and 4 April 2014, Ljubovija, Serbia (“Drina-Tara” CBR)


Workshop entitled: “Partnership and cooperation in joint projects for integrated economic development” will be organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the Southeast Europe as an activity related to the implementation of the second phase of the EU funded project: ”Preparation for implementation of Area Based Development Approach in the Western Balkans”.

The event is designed for the Stakeholders from “Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” cross-border region who expressed their interest to participate to the Call for Project proposals which will be opened from April 7th – May 8th 2014 for these two pilot regions.

The overall objective of the workshop is to support the integrated cooperation among the value chain actors to encourage innovation, production of competitive products and improvement of services.  Therefore, the workshop will aim at enhancing the establishment of vertical cooperation between producers and service providers within the value chains as well as horizontal cooperation among the stakeholders in the region.

The Workshop for the registered Stakeholders from “Drina-Sava” cross-border region will take part on April 3rd 2014 in Banja Koviljaca, Serbia, while the one for the Stakeholders from “Drina-Tara” cross-border region will be organized the next day, on April 4th 2014 in Ljubovlja, Serbia.

Detailed programme:

2014-04-03_Programme_WS_Drina-Sava CBR_ENG

2014-04-03_Programme_WS_Drina-Sava CBR_BHS

2014-04-04_Programme_WS_Drina-Tara CBR_BHS