SWG and TAIEX Workshop on “Agriculture Information System and Statistics”, 24th March, 2011, Danilovgrad, Montenegro


This Multi-Country WS was targeted at relevant representatives of the SWG Member institutions and focused on related EU legislation on Agriculture Information System and Statistics.

The main goal was to provide participants with knowledge and understanding of EU acquis requirements and to increase awareness on the importance of establishment of the agriculture information system in the EU candidate countries and potential candidates.

Following specific topics were presented to the participants by specialists/experts – representatives from various institutions from EU Member Countries:

  • EU Agricultural information system and its structure – general overview and legal requirements, and
  • Priorities in building-up agriculture statistics in pre-accession countries

Mrs. Barbara Domaszewicz – Central Statistical Office, Poland

  • Farm structure survey/ Agricultural Census

Mr. Ilie Dumitrescu – National Institute for Statistics, Romania

  • Farm and Client Registers – structure and main operation characteristics

Mr. Bernard Dufraisse – FranceAgriMer, France

  • Animal Identification Register-structure and main characteristics with practical experiences of EU country, and
  • Market and price data collection and management in agricultural statistics

Mr. Ladislav Hána – Agriculture Paying Agency, Slovakia

  • Land Parcel Identification System – practical experience on its establishment and operation

Mr. Emmanuel De-Laroche – Service and payment agency, France

  • Land use statistics – Practical experiences of EU member states

Mr. Ilie Dumitrescu – National Institute for Statistics, Romania

Organizers: Technical Assistance Information Exchange Instrument of the European Commission (TAIEX) in cooperation with SWG.

You can download Programme here and Presentations here