Ongoing Projects

Preparation for Implementation of the Area Based Development (ABD) Approach in the Western Balkans – 2nd phase

What is ABDA Area Based Development (ABD) is considered to be an innovative and effective approach to facilitate sustainable growth in rural areas in decline. It is suitable for targeting defined geographical areas in cross-border regions in the Western Balkans, characterized by specific complex development problems. The approach uses a methodology, which is inclusive, participatory, and flexible and ensures integration and coherence. It is suitable

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Streamlining of agriculture and rural development policies of SEE countries for EU accession

The responsibility for implementation of rural development policy lies with the Ministries of Agriculture, of which the administrative capacity is limited and not appropriately qualified and inexperienced in EU harmonization process. In addition, national policy responses have not always been followed by clear and well established strategies, and policy-making has lacked orientation towards the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). In parallel

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Support to the core functions of the Standing Working Group (SWG) for Regjonal Rural Development of South East Europe – Dialogue and Networking

The EU integration process is a highly complex process which involves the design and implementation of reforms in a wide range of areas. In general, the EU integration has been steady but uneven. Although all of the WB countries are at different stages of development, they face similar challenges in modernizing of the agricultural and rural development sectors. Problems with policy reform and harmonization, information systems and economic development,

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Strengthening capacity building through networking and regional cooperation in the Western Balkan countries

Developing opportunities through access and exchange of information combined with networking of the rural stakeholders (technical, cultural, institutional and civil society) is a prerequisite for increased regional cooperation among the rural players in a broader sense. The countries of the Western Balkans are encouraged progressively to take involved into networking activities for strengthening regional co-operation thought joint capacity building

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