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Ongoing Projects

Videoconference on IPARD calls and progress of COVID outbreak in the Western Balkans and...

The focus of video conference is on the preparations for IPARD III elaborating the Measure Fishes related to Measure 1, Measure 3, Measure 7 and Measure 9, Programming Guidelines Section and addressing some issues with regards to the proposed Forestry Measure.

Interim meeting for the project “Study on the research, innovation and technology transfer capacities...

The project is financed by DG JRC and implemented by SWG. The purpose of the meeting is to report on progress so far, achievements and deviations from the plan (including impact of the current crisis on the performance) and agree on the next steps for successful completion of the project’s objectives.

Project: Support to the Inbound Tourism Development in the Western Balkans Cross-Border Rural Areas

The project will primarily contribute to the improved market integration and expanded market linkages of firms within targeted value chains: inbound tourism and agriculture and ag processing. It will bring stakeholders together to develop joint products/packages that will combine unique ecotourism, rural tourism, adventure tourism with gastronomic experiences. Through the promotional activities the project will provide links to targeted potential international customers.

Final Meeting of the REAWG on EC-RT, Niksic, Montenegro, 13 – 14 February 2020

The Final Meeting of the REAWG on EC-RT gathered experts and relevant ministries’ representatives to discuss the final results of the work of the REAWG and future steps.

Video conference of the REAWG on Wine and the impact of COVID-19 in the...

The outbreak of COVID-19 has significantly affected all aspects of agriculture across Europe. In the current crisis triggered by the outbreak of the virus, SWG in cooperation with GFA Consulting group, IAK and the Federal German Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) is organizing a video conference of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group on Wine.

Kick-off meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on the Impact of...

The objective of the REAWG is to assess the multiple impacts of COVID-19 on agriculture, food and rural areas as well as on respective policies in the Western Balkans, to summarize the respective national actions and measures taken for coping with the crisis and for mitigating their effects, and to propose respective strategic approaches and policies, as well as joint actions for overcoming the consequences, providing stimuli to accelerate the recovery and to build resilience.