Thursday, August 13, 2020

Stakeholder Group Meetings

The Stakeholder Group (SHG) presents a group consisted of representatives from interested parties – local authorities (municipal and county mayors and/or political leaders of other local government bodies), senior management representatives from the business sector and citizens involved in civil society via NGOs or other local initiatives from all participating countries. Regular SHG meetings in the cross-border regions are organized enabling platform for the members and other interested parties to discuss on the ABD implementation process, prepare for the future development opportunities such as grant scheme, Calls for Proposal (CfP) and to further facilitate the networking and cooperation process in each of the cross-border regions. The work of the SHG is systematized according to the Operational Protocol and rules of procedure of the SHG.

12th SHG Meeting for CBR “Prespa”, 25 March 2016, Information Center Pelister National Park,...

Regular meeting of the SHG for cross-border region of "Prespa" held on March 25th, 2016, Information Center Pelister National Park, FYR of Macedonia.

12th SHG meeting of the SHG for the cross-border region “Drina-Sava”, 29th October,...

The 12th SHG meeting aimed at discussion about general achievements related to the implementation of ABDA in the Western Balkan countries, ongoing activities and future perspective, as well as presentation of two GIZ programmes.

8th SHG Meeting for CBR “Drina-Tara”, 18th November, 2014, Rudo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Regular meeting of the SHG for cross-border region of "Drina-Tara".The discussions on this meeting was focused among others on presentation of the results of Call for Project proposals.

Result from the 3rd Stakeholders’ Group meeting for “Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” cross border regions,...

The 3rd Stakeholders’ Group meeting for “Drina-Sava” and “Drina-Tara” cross border regions which are part of the SWG EU funded project ”Preparations for implementation of the Area Based Development Approach (ABDA) in the Western Balkan countries” was organized by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-East Europe. The meeting took place in the Ethno village of Stanisici, near Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the period from the 21st – 26th of April 2013.