SWG Assembly Sessions

“Results from the 24th SWG Assembly meeting”, 14 – 17 September, Vodice, Croatia

The regular 24th SWG Assembly meeting was organized by the SWG Head Office/Secretariat from 14th – 17th of September 2012 in Vodice, Croatia. The aim of the meeting was to discuss and decide about internal SWG procedures, the realization of upcoming SWG activities for the year 2012, exchange of experiences about the EU accession process and the benefits of it, as well as to decide on future initiatives, projects and cooperation. The meeting was

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23rd SWG Assembly meeting realized in Montenegro, 8-9 May, Milocer, Montenegro

Representatives of eight out of nine SWG member institutions, participated on the 23rd SWG Assembly meeting which was held from 8th – 9th of May in Milocer, Montenegro. Beside the representatives (delegates) from the SWG member institutions, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina participated on the meeting as observers as well as representatives from the Ministry

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SWG Meetings documents

23 SWG Assembly meeting documents 2005-10-28_Report I SWG Meeting 2006-03-21_Report II SWG Meeting 2006-07-10_Report III SWG Meeting 2006-12-12_Report IV SWG Meeting 2007-05_Report V SWG Meeting 2007-07_ Report VI SWG Meeting 2007-11-06_Report VII SWG Meeting 2007-12-20_Report VIII SWG Meeting 2008-02-10_Report IX SWG Meeting 2008-02-14_Report X SWG Meeting 2008- 11-03_Report XI SWG Meeting 2008-12-06_Report XII SWG Meeting 2008-12-06_Report XIII

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