SWG Annual Report 2019


The Annual Report for the year of 2019 represents an overview of the actions taken and outcomes achieved by the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in SEE in the field of agriculture and rural development for the region of South-Eastern Europe.

The implementation and execution of set initiatives and thus realized goals in 2019 have been carried out in accordance with the SWG Strategic and Operational Plan (SOP) for the midterm period of 2016-2020. In conformity with the SWG SOP, the SWG this year has once again successfully promoted and stimulated debates and discussions on policy issues among policymakers, governmental and non-governmental organizations from the agriculture and rural development, water and forestry sectors in SEE, relevant international policy and development institutions, as well as academic institutions. With the intention of providing a technical background for the policy making process and confront the current challenges and perspectives on sustainable agriculture and rural development. Due to the strong dedication for reaching the set strategic framework and core functions, the SWG together with its partners within different projects, programs and initiatives have effectively organized a vast number of international and regional forums, conferences, working discussions and meetings with an ensured presence of all stakeholders from the SEE region. The SWG evoked the need for key development and reform of the agri-food sector in line with the EU policies, fetched the focus towards developing rural areas, as well as supported the process of enhancing competitiveness and sustainable use of natural resources facing new challenges like climate change and food safety. SWG is committed to excellence in everything that it does and promoting excellence will feature prominently in its advocacy, partnership, and capacity-strengthening functions. Other SWG principles involve commitments to the principle of subsidiarity, delivery and accountability and participatory approaches. These principles are reflected in all SWG’s functions and the related activities performed in the year 2019. The Annual report 2019 of the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South Eastern Europe presents a summary of the most important activities undertaken and accomplished by the SWG in the period January – December 2019.

Document can be found here: http://seerural.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/SWG_Annual-report_2019.pdf