With the new equipment the Women association Sacuvajmo selo will be able to process raw products


Women Association “Sacucajmo selo”, Priboj, Serbia deals with strengthening the position of rural women from Priboj, Serbia such as acquiring of new technologies in agricultural production, processing of primary products and placement on the markets. There are large quantities of harvested apples on the agricultural households of the members of the association, which were not placed on the market due to the Covid 19 pandemic, so there is a concern that larger quantities will rot during the spring. In addition to apples, the members of the association also have a larger quantity of roasted peppers, which were left in the freezers to be processed into pate (ajvar) during winter.

To process apples into juices, this association need the professional apple chopper. In addition to that, they need a professional grinder for grinding roasted peppers.

The SWG within the project: “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” in partnership with GIZ supported the proposed activity for recuperate the production and products into a new offer due to remaining raw products that have not been sold due to Covid 19 pandemic. With the procurement of the production equipment the association will be able to use the raw products and process them into a new product. New design of labels will improve branding of the products.