26th SWG Assembly Session, 16-19 April 2013


The 26th Assembly Session of the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in SEE will take place from 16-19 April in Siófok (a city in Hungary on the southern bank of Lake Balaton in Somogy County).

Beside discussions for the upcoming activities for 2013 (The preparations for the Agricultural Policy Forum 2013, 7th Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture from SEE, the World Ploughing Contest 2013 Canada and a brief outline on the SWG project initiatives and cooperation with SWG project partners (EC, GIZ, FAO, OA, CIHEAM and RCI), the meeting will be focused on internal decisions regarding the SWG Operations, upcoming activities for 2013 and cooperation with SWG project partners.

The SWG delegates will be also introduced with the Ministry of Rural Development of Hungary and the Presidency on Central European Initiative (CEI).
Namely, on April 15th, the Hungarian Ministry of Rural Development will be hosting the CEI Ministerial meeting: “Green Growth–rural development in the foreground”. This will be an opportunity for those SWG delegates who are part of their official country delegations to attend the event.

The 26th SWG Assembly Session will be summed up with a field trip to Tihany – a village on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula (important historical and cultural district, National park and tourist attraction of Hungary).

Final program