48.Ilok Grape Harvest, 29 August – 6 September, Ilok, Croatia


The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in South-Eastern Europe within the SWG EC project: “Fostering regional cooperation and balanced territorial development of Western Balkan countries in the process towards EU integration” will support the organization of the regional traditional event: 48. Ilok Grape Harvest which will be organized in the period 29.08-06.09.2015, in Ilok, Croatia.

IMG_1351Ilok grape harvest Ilok, a cultural, entertainment and tourist event, has been taking place traditionally since 1962. It was born out of an old custom originating from the area of Syrmia and Slavonia, where people gathered at the beginning of the wine harvest for the purpose of guarding the vineyards, celebrating a good year and harvest, and socializing. This was especially important for the young people who did not have many opportunities to socialize freely in the town or in the vineyards.

11921683_1467908886843768_174827043570340057_nThese days, the wine harvest of Ilok has grown into an important event of ethnographic, wine-making and tourist character which lasts several days and has been attracting an increasing number of guests and visitors of different programmes. The main part of the programme takes place at weekends, with cultural, entertainment and wine-gastro events taking place during the day and night.