9th SHG Meeting for the cross border region “Drina-Tara”, 17th March, 2015, Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The 9th Stakeholders Group Meeting for cross-border region “Drina-Tara” was organized on 17th March in Motel “Jasen” in Bratunac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Meeting was attended by forty-two participants, representatives of Stakeholders’ Group from “Drina-Tara” region, ABDA Grant beneficiaries, journalists, Secretary General and ABDA project team.

The 9th SHG meeting aimed at discussion about the progress made so far, as well as discussion about the future ABDA perspective. The specific objective of the Meeting was to present the results of the Call for Project Proposals, progress made regarding people to people actions and next steps, and also to present results from participation at Belgrade Tourism Fair 2014 and ViroExpo 2015 in Virovitica, Croatia.

As part of this meeting was also organised visit to the Adrenalin park in Rajska plaza in Bratunac, constructed with the financial support of the ABDA Grant scheme within the European Union funded project ”Preparation for implementation of Area Based Development Approach in the Western Balkans – second phase” implemented by SWG.