“Conclusions from the 5th Stakeholders’ Group meeting for the cross-border region “Drina-Sava”, 8th October 2013, Sabac, Serbia


Minutes from the 5th SHG meeting_Drina-Sava CBR

The 5th Stakeholders’ Group meeting for “Drina-Sava” cross-border region took part in the Centre for Professional Development in Sabac, Serbia on October 8th 2013.

After the information about the current state of the concept of Area Based Development (ABD) Approach, the participants discussed about: the presented DRAFT Programming Documents; the completed concepts for the Project Proposals; the concepts for the future Project Proposals and the Operation Protocol and Rules of Procedure for the SHG for the cross-border region of “Drina-Sava”.

The following are the main conclusions from the meeting:

  • The group of stakeholders (SHG) should be expanding with representatives of the business sector, and start with specific activities.
  • Draft Programming Documents for the cross-border region “Drina-Sava” are approved, comments and inputs from the interested groups should be included in the official document by the end of October.
  • The final drafts of the proposed cross-border projects in the region “Drina-Sava” will be delivered by the SWG by mid-October and will be finalized within the working groups for application to different sources.
  • Members of interested groups should submit their comments and suggestions by mid-October so the Operational Protocol and the Rules of Procedure for the work of the SHG could be adopted during the next meeting.

Minutes from the meeting are documented and published (text and video) on Sabac information portal: http://sabac.info/vesti.php?id=814