“Europe should use the opportunity for cooperation and investments in the SEE region – Key message from the GFFA Regional panel on SEE”, 19th January, 2012, Berlin, Germany

Minister Dimovski addressing the Forum on behalf of the SWG RRD
Minister Dimovski addressing the Forum on behalf of the SWG RRD

“Europe should use the opportunity for cooperation and investments in the SEE region” – this was the key message from the GFFA Regional panel on SEE sent to the participants by the Macedonian Minister for Agriculture Ljupco Dimnovski, the actual chairman of the SWG RRD.

During the panel discussion entitled “Modernization partnership South Eastern Europe – increasing efficiency, protecting resources – Perspectives of cooperation between Germany and the South Eastern European countries”, Dimovski also stressed the fact that the SEE offers new market possibilities for the EU especially in relation to direct investments supported by the improved business environment stating the following:

“The region is “hungry” for investments which will modernize the agricultural production. Our countries have understood the importance and give priority to the EU integration processes. We have intensified the cooperation in order to move forward in accordance with the EU agenda.
All SEE countries made remarkable progress in their political, social and economic sectors. Regional cooperation is one of our priority goals and we committed to its strengthening by promoting trade, market-oriented economy and improvement of the infrastructure, environment, research technology and development. These changes have moved the region towards efficient modernization of the agricultural sector and the overall economy.”

High ranking representatives from Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia and important business representatives from Germany discussed on concrete strategies which need to be implemented in order to intensify the future cooperation.
Except the significance of Foreign Direct investments for modernization and intensification of the agriculture (in particularly in Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia), the plenum concluded that the present organic farming and organic food processing in the Southeast European region will be capable of covering the European Union’s constantly growing demand for organic products!

The panel discussion was attend by high ranking representatives of politics and economy from Germany and the region (as well as the SWG delegates) and took place at the international Congress Centrum in Berlin on January 19th as part of the world largest consumers’ show – the International Green Week Fair.
It was organized by the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations as part of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture – GFFA in co-operation with the SWG RRD.

The SWG activities and services were also promoted during the International Green Week fair within the one day event “Cooperation Market”.

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