For the fifth time, Prijepolje was the host of the most interesting mountain race in Serbia held in a period 12 till 14 July 2019 in Jadovnik Mountain.


Jadovnik Ultramarathon is a sport event that promotes active tourism in the region of Drina-Tara which gathered this year over 200 competitors from 10 countries and justifies the fact that this event is growing from year to year. The racetracks long 22, 53 and 73 km fascinated the competitors and presented them all the natural beauties of this region. Short-distance runners did not have any problems with weather conditions, while “ultras” had bad weather, thunder, hail and sudden drop in temperature. Consequently, this was a big challenge for the organizers, at the first place for the Association of citizens Jadovnik and local club Fijulj who were at the height of the task. Participants showed great competitive spirit, solidarity on the tracks and a desire to finish the race.

In the mail competition, at the 22km race track the first place has won the local runner Antonija Kijanović, second-placed Marko Popin with 4 seconds behind, while at the third place was Alexander Steiner, only 1 second behind Popin.

The best results in women’s competition was recorded by Tatjana Jovanovic, with scoring time 2 hours and 14 minutes. The second place won Olivera Milic, while the third-placed Nataša Mijajlović.

The most beautiful and most extreme 53 km racetrack whent from Mileševo Monastery, through the Milesevka canyon and beautiful scenery. The real adventure was the 73km track which passes through the highest parts of Jadovnik Mountain. Konstantis Biktimirovs from Lithuania, as the fastest, finished the track for a brilliant 7 hours and 38 minutes. The fastest woman on this distance was Žudana Đokić, the second place won Kristina Radovic, while the third was Sandra Trojanovic.

This year’s fifth Jadovnik Ultramarathon has a lot of challenges and excitement for all participants. Despite the difficult weather conditions and challenging terrain, all competitors ended the race safely. During the event were organized cleaning actions “Be part of the eco race – learn about environmental protection” implemented in cooperation with the FEA – Forestry and Environment Initiative.

This regional event was supported by the Ministry of Ecology and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia and Tourism Organization of Prijepolje. The importance of this event was also recognized by numerous business operators as sponsors of the event.

This activity is part of the project “Diversification of economic activities in rural areas of Southeast Europe through value chain development” jointly implemented by SWG and GIZ.

Association of citizens Jadovnik, Extreme sports club Fijulj from Prijepolje and Skyrunning Association of Serbia as organizers thanked everyone who participated and helped organization of the event at the first-place numerous volunteers.