High Scardus Trail Promotional Event


On the 9th of August, SWG and GIZ organized in the frame of the project Future Prospects through Mountain Tourism, a two-day long promotional activity to present a new transnational mountain tourism product High Scardus Trail (HST) connecting the mountain ranges in the border areas of Albania, Macedonia, and Kosovo*. With 16 main sequences and numerous connecting trails, which lead to populated areas and serve as access or exit points to/of the main trail, HST has a total length of 495 km, allowing the creation of tours of different lengths, durations and difficulty levels, thereby creating various opportunities to meet the interests and needs of different categories of hikers and visitors.

The High Scardus Trail (HST) is a result of the project Future Prospects through Mountain Tourism of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) over the course of 2017. The project’s aim was to improve the employment opportunities in the tourism sector in the border region between Macedonia, Kosovo*, and Albania by developing and promoting existing and new regional adventure tourism offers.

The official opening of the trail took place last weekend, from 9th to 11th August, in a promotional activity that included hiking of two groups coming from Kosovo*, Macedonia and Albania – one group started their hike from Macedonia in Bitushe, passing through Velivar and arriving in Hinoske, and another group started the route in Torbeshki Most – Korab – Radomir, in the cross-border region of Macedonia and Albania, passing the Macedonian-Albanian border through two out of the four green passes connecting Macedonia and Albania, upon the approval received by the border authorities.

The two groups met on the 11th of August in Peshkopi, Albania to attend the official High Scardus Trail promotional event where hikers and mountain enthusiasts from all three countries got to know the trail and the different mountain tourism activities available.