Interim meeting of the Regional Expert Advisory Working Group (REAWG) on Agri-Environment Policy (AEP), 14 – 16 May 2018, Podgorica, Montenegro


SWG and GIZ took an initiative to develop a regional approach for the assessment of the agri-environment policies in the countries/territories of the SEE, as well as to propose policy framework for implementation of sustainable agricultural practices in line with EU policies.
The major outcomes of the assignment are:

  • Regional methodology and approach for the assessment of agri-environment policies in the countries/territories of the SEE;
  • Evaluation of the relevant policy frameworks in place and provision of recommendations for their improvement and alignment with EU policies;
  • Regional report on the status, gaps and constraints regarding the agri-environmental policies and the provision of recommendations for an alignment of regional / national priorities with EU policies.

The interim meeting will gather representatives of relevant public institutions from the Western Balkans, as well as national, regional and international experts on agri-environment with focus on crop production, soil and water, and animal husbandry. They will report on progress and plan the future steps to successfully complete the assignment by August 2018.