“Networking between the Green and Wholesale markets from the Western Balkan countries”, 28-29 March , 2011, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Second working meeting between the representatives of the National Associations of Markets, Green and Wholesale markets from the Western Balkan countries  was successfully organized by the Business Association of Serbian Markets (PUPS) and The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group of the South-Eastern Europe (SWG) trough the SWG GTZ ORF project: ”Improving the competitiveness of companies and organizations from South-eastern Europe in the agricultural and food sector through the implementation of food quality standards and increased regional networking“.

Representatives from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia discussed ways to continue with the regional networking between Green and Wholesale markets from the Western Balkan countries and to maintain the established platform for regular exchange of information, experiences and know-how related to relevant national and EU legislation, organizational structures of the markets, food safety systems and standards relevant for the markets, as well as information about the market (prices, demands and offers of agricultural and food products).

The following conclusions came out of this meeting:

  • The 3rd working meeting on networking of green and wholesale markets will be held from 11-14 October, 2011 in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and will be organized in cooperation with the Association of Croatian Markets and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development of the Republic Croatia;
  • Priority topics to be discussed on the 3rd meeting:
    -“Quality control method on agricultural products”;
    -“Organization of mobile markets in cities”;
    -“Stimulation of trade of agricultural products in region, according to CEFTA agreement ”;
  • Participants of the 2nd working meeting have accepted the initiative of Establishment of Regional Association of Green and Wholesale markets within the World Union of Wholesale Markets. The Registered national associations: Business Association of Serbian Markets (PUPS) and Association of Croatian Markets (UHT) will assist to the Wholesales and Green Markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Macedonia in their efforts to establish National associations in this area.

You can download Programme here and Presentations here