Outcomes from the 7th meeting of the Stakeholders’ Group from “Prespa” cross-border region, 2nd June 2014, Liqenas, Albania



The 7th gathering of the Stakeholders from “Prespa” cross-border region was organized by the staff of the Project Management Unit located in Korca, Albania.

In total 35 representatives from the Stakeholders’ Group – SHG (including newly appointed and potential new members) participated at the meeting, were informed about and discussed on the following topics:

Session 1:

–        Access to integrated economic development within ABDA;
–        Involvement of the SHG in the process, and
–        Results from the call for project proposals in “Drina-Tara” and “Drina-Sava” cross-border regions

Session 2:

–        ABDA “People to People” actions: Criteria and Application process
–        Partnership and communication among the Stakeholders

Session 3:

–        Presentation of the SHG
–        Election of President and Vice President of the SHG

Summary of the conclusions:

–        The Project Office will continue its support the SHG related to the process of application within the program “People to People”;
–        The Project Office will serve as a point of support for SHG;
–        The SHG will include more members from the private sector in the region;
–        The SHG will be informed on time about the progress of ABDA approvals in EC:
–        An appropriate and frequent media coverage will be provided for the future activities within the ABDA SWG program;
–        The announcement about the next, 8th SHG meeting will be distributed to all actors from the SHG

Follow the links to see the presentations about:

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