Results from the 4th Assembly Session of the Balkan Rural Development Network (BRDN), 8-9 May 2014, Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Minutes from the BRDN Assembly Session

The 4th Assembly Session of the Balkan Rural Development Network (BRDN) was organized by the Head Office/ Secretariat of the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG) in the South-East Europe and took part in Jahorina, Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 9th 2014.

The participants discussed the realized activities in the period January – April 2014 and upcoming events for 2014 as per the BRDN Action Plan. Working document for developing a Strategy (2014-2020) and Action Plan (2014-2016) was presented and will be further distributed to the members for suggestions and comments.

The participants were introduced and discussed the proposal for design of the official web-site of this umbrella organization which is to become operational by the end of May 2014.

During this session, issues related to membership into the BRDN were also discussed. Potential new members – National Rural Networks from Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and from Croatia were introduced and further procedures for becoming members of the BRDN were agreed.

The day before their Assembly Session, the Representatives of National Rural Development Networks from the region had an opportunity to join the members of the SWG Assembly during their open meeting (May 8th) and took part in the discussions related to the SWG upcoming activities for the year 2014, mainly focused on the Preparations for the Agricultural Policy Forum 2014 and Preparations for the 8th Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture from SEE.

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