Results from the International Workshop: “Challenges of the new common agricultural policy for the South East European countries”, 18-19 September, Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia


The SWG Head Office/Secretariat and the Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment of the Republic of Slovenia (MAE) jointly organized the International Workshop on “Challenges of the new common agricultural policy for the South East European countries”.

The Workshop took place in Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia on September 18th and 19th and was intended for representatives of the IPARD operational structures, both – Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies from SEE on the senior level positions (Heads of Managing Authorities and Directors of Paying Agencies/Heads of Financial Departments).

During the WS, the participants learned and discussed about the chellenges of the new CAP in SEE region through the approach of IPA/IPARD II. Besides Slovenian experiences and lessons learned by implementation of the agricultural and rural development programs in the pre accession period the participants were introduced to:

  • Agrienvirionmental national program and measures in the pre accession period;
  • Investments in agricultural holdings and food processing industry to upgrade them to EU standards
  • Investments in improving and development of rural infrastructure