Results from the Regional Meeting: “Establishment of the Balkan Rural Development Network”, 19 – 21 May 2013, Andrevlje, Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia


The meeting for the establishment of the Balkan Rural Development Network (BRDN) was held on the 20th of May 2013 in Andrevlje, Serbia during the International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.

Representatives of existing Rural Development Networks (RDN) and initiatives in the Balkan region discussed the draft Statute of the Balkan Rural Development Network as main topic which was previously communicated amongst existing Rural Networks from the Balkan region.

The meeting was opened and moderated by Mr. Boban Ilic, SWG Secretary General.

After discussing issues such as: Justification of the need for the establishment of Balkan Rural Development Network and Presentation and discussion on the draft Statue for the Balkan Rural Development Network, the participants signed a Declaration on networking, expressed their readiness to work together on improvement and strengthening the cooperation of the rural development networks in the Balkans and establishment of a platform for regular exchange of information, experience and knowledge, as well as joint initiation and implementation of multi-lateral project “Balkan Rural Development Network”.

Conclusion: With the mandate given by the signatories i.e. Presidents of the founding NRDNs from Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro, in the upcoming period (in the year and a half – until December 2014) SWG RRD and the SWG Secretariat based in Skopje, Macedonia will represent BRDN and will serve as an administrative and organizational hub of the Balkan Rural Development Network. In this period the logistical support will be provided by the SWG. After 2014, existing networks should take over the Presidency of the Balkan Rural Network

For more details related to this meeting see the Report and the Annexes.