Results from the Study tour: “Rural development by sustainable management of forests and water”, 09-14 June in Austria and Germany


In order to introduce the representatives from South Eastern Europe with the successful examples of rural development by sustainable management of forests and water, a study tour was organized by the Standing Working Group for Regional Rural Development (SWG) in SEE in close cooperation with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Austrian Natural Resources Management and International Cooperation Agency (ANRICA) and the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry Environment and Water Management of Austria.

The group consisted of 23 participants: representatives from the Ministries responsible for environmental protection, water and forest management, including academics and experts working in the field of water and forest management as well as representatives from public enterprises and NGO-s working in the relevant sectors.

The study tour promoted successful examples of mutual understanding and cooperation among the stakeholders, regional actions implemented in function to sustainable water and forest management and economic growth of the rural areas, in particular taking care of the cross-border aspects
For more details related to this study tour see the Report and the Annexes (I-VI)

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