Standing up for LEADER in the South East Europe!


Rural development is one of the roof causes of social, economic and demographic decline, increasing poverty and disparities. To reverse the tendencies, integrated approaches and policy interventions, considering the complexity and diversity of rural leaving conditions are needed. Multi-sectorial rural development has always been highlight as a priority in South East Europe. The #LEADER method and programming has been the success story of area-based multi-sectorial, innovative and participative rural development in the European Union. It has become figurehead of integrative and inclusive public support for rural partnerships well beyond the borders of the European Union.

Outcomes of the ‘Standing up for LEADER’ project is National Road Maps to strengthen and intensify the effort to anchor the LEADER approach at the policy level, among local actors and rural networks in the SEE and to connect each one’s effort with those of the other. Link to publication.

Link to publication: