Study Tour on "LEADER LAGs-Animation, Set Up and Functioning" 12-19 July, 2009, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany



InWEnt in cooperation with the SWG organized a study trip on LAGs, specially directed to the representatives from the SWG member institutions.

The study tour was held in the period July 12th – 19th, 2009, in Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.
For the study tour the delegation was composed of 15 participants in total, mainly from the Departments of the Rural Development in the respective Ministries from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Bulgaria.
The overall objective of the study trip was to analyze the practical implementation of the LEADER approach and its special contribution to Regional Rural Development along the different EU promotion periods in different countries and considering the different implementation levels.

The expected outcome of the Study Tour was to:

• get acquainted with the basic philosophy (7 key features) of the LEADER approach within the EAFRD on EU level in Brussels (DG Agri, DG Enlargement and Contact Point of the European Network for Rural Development)
• get familiar with the practical implementation of the LEADER approach on National Programme level (Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies in Luxembourg and Germany)
• share experiences with different LEADER Initiatives on the animation, structuring and sustainable functioning of Local Action Groups (in Luxembourg and Germany)
• discuss with the German partner organisations GTZ and InWEnt strategies and networking to further strengthen Regional Rural Development in Southeast Europe
• Exchange experiences and reflect among the SWG regarding the adaptation and integration of the EU policies for Rural Development in the specific context of Southeast Europe

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