The first baking of art works on the open fire has ended the XXIV International Fine Art Colony of Ceramics “Zlakusa-Uzice 2019”


In the period from 8 till 18 August 2019 in the village Zlakusa, Uzice, Serbia 11 artists from 8 countries (Italy, Croatia, USA, Belgium, Russia, France, Australia and Serbia) have created their art pottery works. Like in the previous years, the colony was hosted by Milan Savic, a potter in Zlakusa, and organized by the Association” Zlakusa Art Ceramics”.

The colony is part of the “Ceramics – Zlakusa” project, created by academic ceramist painter Sofia Bunardzic.

For the past ten days, artists have been creating their works of art in the old, traditional way that Zlakusa households have been doing for over 400 years, a technique new to the theory of contemporary ceramics called “Zlakusa” or “Sofia-Zlakusa”.

“The works that the artists did during the first few days of the colony were brought out to be baked over an open fire. They are delighted with this technique. They have been working hard all these days to do as much work as possible. We explained to them how to bake, to sprinkle with flour, but also what their work would look like after baking” stated Sofia Bunardzic. The technological process of making ceramics, which is very similar to that in prehistory, is very interesting for contemporary art. Thus, the colony of all past years, and still today, builds fine ties between traditional pottery, unique in its material method of work and baking and on the other side of modern tendencies in artistic ceramics.

Biljana Novakovic, arrived at a colony in Zlakus far from Australia. She says that she knew very little about sculpting this way. “All of what we heard was practically realized one hundred percent. The fact that after drying the clay it turns into a stable structure after only one hour, I would say that it is science fiction, ”says Bijana Novakovic.

The plan of Julia Feld, a professor of ceramics from the USA, is to pass on all she has learned in Zlakusa to her students. “It’s extremely interesting. I didn’t know what to expect after baking. I couldn’t wait to see the results, but the whole process was happening very quickly. It’s magical and of course only possible in Serbia, “said Julia Feld.

As in previous years during the colony the artists visited Potpec Cave in the village Potpec, rural household Terzica Avlija in Zlakusa, Uzice art school, Museum and other cultural spots in the city, Mokra Gora and Sirogojno.

” Large amount of art works from the colony are remain to be baked at the end of September. After that, we are preparing a catalogue for the exhibition, which will be held as every year at the end of November in the City Gallery in Uzice,” announced Sofija Bunardzic.

For the past 24 years, the colony has brought together around 360 artists from 35 countries from all continents, art critics, archaeologists, art photographers and architects.

Završena kolonija keramike u Zlakusi (VIDEO)