Open Call for an English programme: Bachelor degree in “International Wine Business”, Hochschule Geisenheim University, Germany


The University of Geisenheim in Germany is well known for its applied approach in education and sciences since its foundation in 1872. In accordance with this tradition the aim of the bachelor program is to educate the students in such a way that they are ‘job fit’; i.e. using modern teaching methods where students get rather trained in applying their scientific knowledge in order to solve problems than in learning theories by heart. Internships – before and during the program – help the students to develop and excel in competences and skills that are basis for their future carriers.

The bachelor degree in ‘International Wine Business’ allows the possibility of continued study towards a master degree, as in all bachelor programs in Geisenheim. These are usually offered in cooperation with one of the national/German and international partner universities and research centers.

For more information related to this study program see the following documents:

–       Flyer IWB

–       Living and studying in Geisenheim

–       Notes on Frequently Asked Questions

–       Information about visa application-Geisenheim