Let`s help countries, regions, municipalities and people affected by floods in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia


Heavy rains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia last week resulted with severe floods on 22.900 km2. These are the heaviest rains and floods ever recorded in the last 120 years.

Source: TANJUG
Source: TANJUG

Entire municipalities and communes are cut off and thousands of people are evacuated and stayed without home, without basic life conditions: drinking water, food and dry clothes. In addition, entire villages are destroyed as a result of floods and flood cased land-sliding.

Infrastructure is destroyed; ruined bridges and roads, as well as ruined and flooded   houses are the common picture of the flooded regions.

Thousands hectares of arable land, green and blooming are covered with deep opaque gray water.

Thousands of animals were left without their stables and food.

Human and animal victims will be counted, and material damage will be estimated   after water withdrawal.

“Post- festum” consequences such as land-sliding are a really expected danger which would cause additional damages.

Unfortunately, once the first emerging situation will be calmed, the affected countries and regions will face long-term consequences and recovery.  Environment, infrastructure and economy, including agriculture as one of the most affected economic sectors would need years to full recovery.

Therefore, the Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group in South-East Europe call on all human individuals, organizations, communities and countries to provide support to the affected countries and regions.


Instructions for payment of the donations given in the links bellow are the officially given instructions by the respective Governments and/ or Red Cross.

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina  


Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Brcko District


Republic of Serbia



Republic of Croatia

http://www.hck.hr/en/quick-news/emergency-appeal-for-flood-affected-areas-in croatia-60

Donations can be also in conserved food, baby food, new clothes and footwear, hygiene products in the officially announced collection points in the Western Balkan countries.  

The SWG thank you in advance for your kind support to the endangered regions!