“Capacity building for improvement of rural tourism services and products and networking among the tourism stakeholders in the cross-border region Sharra”, 23 – 25 November, 2017 in Mavrovo, Macedonia

The Regional Rural Development Standing Working Group (SWG), the German International cooperation (GIZ) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), following the overall goals of projects: ” Rural development through integrated forest and water resources management in Southeast Europe: Rural perspectives: qualification, reintegration and (self) employment”, as well as “Implementation of short value chain development in cross-border areas in the Western Balkan region”, is organising 3-day capacity development workshop on “Capacity building for improvement of rural tourism services and products and networking among the tourism stakeholders in the cross-border region Sharra” through:

–           creating and maintaining new products and services in the region of Sharra (improved production methods, product innovation, protection/certification, marketing);
–           joint promotion and marketing of products and services as part of the tourism value chain with a view to enhancing cooperation and creating business partnerships;
–           connecting traditional and innovative products in complementary tourism offer in Sharra;
–           creating joint business development strategy.

The workshop will be held in the period 23 – 25.11.2017 at the Hotel Bistra in Mavrovo, Macedonia. The arrival of participants in foreseen on 23rd and the departure on 25th. The accommodation, food and refreshment during the workshop will be covered by the organizers. Translation on Macedonian, Albanian, Serbian and English will be also provided for the participants.

This event is follow up of the workshop “Fostering integrated economic development through sustainable use of natural resources and greening of value chains” organized in April 2017, where the stakeholders from Sharra were introduced with the specific planning and development tools such as the Business Canvas Model (BMC).

SWG and FAO international expertise will be used to conduct the training and coaching activities, providing opportunity for exchange of experiences, as well as development of ideas for possible joint actions among participants. The training and coaching will be conducted with a participatory approach, which will be ensured by plenary and working group discussions, as per the enclosed programme.

Please confirm your interest by completing the Expression of interest form which is attached and send it back to Mr. Emrullah Spahiu (emrullah.spahiu@swg-seerural.org) not later than 15th of November 2017. We encourage all interested applicants to apply as soon as possible. After the Expression of interest form has been received, potential applicants will be informed by the final list of selected participants.