GIZ: Prospects for rural areas of the Western Balkans. 2017


The Western Balkan countries face the phenomena of outmigration and rural depopulation, which are severe problems in the whole region.
The regional project “Rural Development through Integrated Forest and Water Resources Management” (LEIWW),among the others, aims to illustrate alternative ways of income generation in rural areas and create tangible future perspectives for returnees, as well as potential migrants. The tailor-made qualification measures for cooks, bakers, bartenders, barista and waiters were offered to approximately 200 young trainees from WB countries. The offered qualification measures should increase chances of trainees for employment in the tourism sector, while at the same time answering to the increased demand of the private sector for certain professions. In addition, the provided training measures for the population across the borders should contribute to ensuring same/similar standards in the provision of tourism services in the cross border tourist destinations.